Top five AI in film – do you agree?

Here is our list of the top five AI / robots in film:

1 HAL – the machine in 2001 A Space Odyssey. Space ship has conflicting programing with consequences for the crew.


2 Sonny – I Robot – based on the books of Asimov, this movie was good fun, Will Smith gave a good performance and played really well with AI debating which of them could create an artistic masterpiece.


3 The Terminator – the determined machine with one task, kill Sarah Connor. The special effects look a bit dated, particularly the scene with the part human part machine face, but the concept was so strong it launched a franchise of films, a tv series and some under rated comics.


4 The Matrix – the false world humans live inside as part of a great lie perpetuated by machines. The most interesting part of this is the discussion of the early version where everyone got what they wanted, but it failed as no one believed in it.


5 False Maria – Metropolis. A fake girl who changed film forever. Love the look. Not sure if she was the first metal person in movies, but her appearence echos throughout film and TV representations of robotics to the present day.


Feel free to tell us your favourite AI in the comments section.

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