Why has Google sold one of its robotics companies?

Google, or rather its parent company Alphabet, has sold off one of its robot development companies, Boston Dynamics to a Japanese tech conglomerate. Details here.

SoftBank is rumoured to have spent US$100m on the acquisition.

The question surrounding this must be who has made the better deal. Both companies are highly profitable forward thinking companies.

So has Google sold off a company with massive potential or has SoftBank purchased something which will never make a decent profit?

Or perhaps, neither of these things?

Probably Google has a company which doesn’t fit in with its strategy, it is going big on driver-less cars while Boston Dynamics, a spin off from MIT, makes robots which mimic animal movement.

SoftBank sells Pepper, a robot companion who lives in your home. Perhaps Softbank can enhance its product with the knowledge, hardware and quite possibly patents which come with taking this company from Google’s hands?

Outside of the seller and buyer, no one knows for sure what each sees in the deal. But it would be worth keeping an eye on what Pepper develops into in the next few years.